3 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Law Firm

There�s something that lawyers are not told in law school, despite three grueling years, endless hours studying for the bar, and intense summer internships: the degree doesn�t guarantee clients.What it really comes down to is lead generation. Just like businesses, large and small, a strategic marketing campaign is the offensive line to your field of play.We�ve compiled three easy steps that will help you market your practice successfully, generating more leads and turning those leads into clients.

A Three-Step Process:

Email Marketing: With content marketing on the rise, it�s a no-brainer as to why reaching out to prospective clients via email is on the top of our list. As the preferred method of contact today, email is an easy and efficient method to stay in the forefront of people�s minds. And we�re not talking a simple �hi, how are you� letter. With great new email marketing tools like Constant Contact, you are able to design unique emails that quickly catch the attention of any reader.

Blogging: �Lawyers who blog once a week have a 76% higher chance of generating more leads than those who don�t. With odds like that, it�s a wonder why some lawyers are still refusing to take part. Blogging is not just about posting about your last case (although, effective use of case studies through blogging is encouraged) but it�s about showcasing your knowledge, prowess and rate of success to potential clients.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a necessity for law firm websites. Leveraging key words and quality content, a legal website is able to propel itself to the top of search engine results. And with a majority of legal teams being hired through online searches alone, it is imperative that your firm be listed at the top of the list.

For law firms, marketing is not something that should be tossed aside. It is the key to generating more leads and thus clients. Once you have started to see results from these tactics, it�s important to analyze your strategy. Find out what outlets have brought about the most success, where you might have room for improvement. Always leave room for adaptation as new technologies, new methods and new outlets come about regularly.