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At TECKpert, we provide a diverse range of strategic services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients. From technical assessments to software development and cybersecurity solutions, our team of technical professionals is dedicated to delivering innovative and customized services to support your mission. Explore our comprehensive service offerings below and discover how we can leverage talent and technology to help you achieve your goals.


Technical Assessments

TECKpert offers comprehensive assessments to help organizations of all sizes gain insights into their technology infrastructure, software applications, cybersecurity, and digital transformation readiness. Our Senior Consultants will assess your current environment, identify gaps, threats, and opportunities for improvement, and provide tailored recommendations to achieve your business objectives.
Digital Transformation Assessment

TECKpert offers Digital Transformation assessments for any size organization. Our assessments help navigate the six stages of digital transformation, providing a comprehensive look at data and technology usage for optimal customer experiences. Customized to your unique needs, our assessments identify gaps and improvement opportunities across legacy systems to emerging technologies.

IT Assessment

TECKpert offers customized IT assessments for any size organization. Our comprehensive approach provides a clear picture of your IT systems and environment, which includes a software audit, review of policies, readiness and risk assessment, cyber risk analysis, and SWOT evaluation. With tailored recommendations, you'll know where you stand and what steps to take to achieve your goals.

Cybersecurity Assessment

TECKpert’s Cyber assessments review an organization’s cybersecurity posture comprehensively. Covering areas from network security to data protection, our assessments identify vulnerabilities and threats. With actionable recommendations, you can enhance security and safeguard valuable assets against cyber threats.

Application Assessment

TECKpert optimizes software applications for organizations of all sizes. Our assessments enhance functionality, scalability, and maintainability by documenting key processes, stack, and source code. Through activities like business logic analysis and architecture visualization, we develop strategies aligned with your objectives.


IT Staff Augmentation

At TECKpert, we recognize that securing the right talent is essential for government agencies to achieve their mission-critical objectives. Through our IT Staff Augmentation services, we streamline the process of recruiting, vetting, and managing skilled IT professionals for short and long-term projects. Our comprehensive range of roles spans from software developers and network specialists to project managers and business analysts, covering all key tasks within a technical department or team.
Why Choose TECKpert for IT Staff Augmentation?
Flexibility: We offer a range of staffing solutions, including temp-to-hire, direct hire, fractional services, and project-based teams, tailored to suit your specific requirements.

With TECKpert, you benefit from our deep-rooted expertise in the tech industry. Our DNA is tech, and we understand the nuances of recruiting and managing IT talent better than anyone else.

Customized Solutions

Whether you're embarking on workforce optimization, undertaking long-term strategic projects, or transforming legacy systems, our IT Staff Augmentation service delivers the right talent to drive your initiatives forward.

Skilled Workforce

Our highly-skilled professionals bring a nimble and innovative approach to every project, eliminating the talent gap and providing you with the external skills needed for success.

US-Based Talent

Our technical professionals, from .NET developers to Database administrators, QA Analysts, and project managers, are based in the US, ensuring seamless integration with your team and adherence to local regulations. Additionally, we have the capability to hire individuals with security clearances, providing added value for projects requiring classified work.

Onboarding Made Simple

Our streamlined onboarding process, facilitated by our proprietary platform, makes integrating new talent into your organization hassle-free. From tracking hours and contracts to offering upskilling opportunities, we ensure a smooth transition for both candidates and clients.

Security Training

At TECKpert, security is paramount. We provide comprehensive training to all our staff on cybersecurity best practices and confidentiality measures. This ensures that your sensitive data remains secure and protected throughout the duration of our engagement.


Fractional CIO/CTO Services

When your organization is in transition or requires leadership on a short-term or interim basis, TECKpert provides Fractional Leadership solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our Fractional Services cover a range of key leadership roles from Chief Technical Officers (CTO) to Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), and Project Managers (PM).

With TECKpert's Fractional Leadership, you gain access to proven, agile leadership to support your team precisely when you need it. Our experienced professionals bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that your projects are guided by strategic vision and executed with precision.
Why Use Fractional Services from TECKpert?
Short-term Projects

When you have a short-term technical project in need of expert leadership, our Fractional Services offer the ideal solution to drive success.

Project Kickoff

If you need technical guidance to get a project off the ground, our Fractional Leadership can provide the direction and expertise necessary for a successful launch.

Transition Support

During periods of organizational transition, our Fractional Leaders offer temporary leadership, bridging the gap until permanent hires are in place.

Niche Expertise

 If your organization lacks the niche technical knowledge required to power a project or digital transformation through to completion, our Fractional Services fill the gap, ensuring that your initiatives are propelled forward with confidence.


Software Development DevOps

TECKpert's Software Development & DevOps Service offers a dynamic solution tailored to the unique needs of government agencies at both the federal and state levels. Our in-house teams specialize in executing software development projects with precision and efficiency, leveraging our internal staffing capabilities to assemble the ideal teams for each project. From developers and designers to project managers and other skilled professionals, we ensure that every project is equipped with the expertise needed for success.

Unlike traditional staff augmentation models, where external resources operate under the direction of the client, TECKpert takes full ownership of each project. Our in-house teams collaborate closely with clients, aligning every aspect of the project with their vision and goals. We offer a diverse range of project-based solutions, spanning website design, custom software development, and DevOps. Our approach is characterized by agility, innovation, and a commitment to bridging the talent gap with highly skilled teams that deliver tangible results within designated timelines and budgets.
Features of our Software Development and DevOps Service
Agile Methodology

We adopt Agile principles to ensure flexibility, adaptability, and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, allowing for iterative development and continuous improvement.

.NET Core Development

 Leveraging the power of .NET Core, we develop robust and scalable web applications that run seamlessly across platforms and devices.

Node.js Expertise

Our team is proficient in Node.js, enabling us to build high-performance, event-driven applications that meet the demands of modern web development.

ReactJS Development

With expertise in ReactJS, we create dynamic and interactive user interfaces for web applications, delivering a smooth and engaging user experience.

Mobile Development

With expertise in mobile app development, we create engaging and intuitive applications for iOS and Android platforms, delivering a seamless user experience.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We conduct thorough User Acceptance Testing to ensure that the final product meets the requirements and expectations of stakeholders, identifying and addressing any issues before deployment.

Continuous Integration/
Deployment (CI/CD)

We implement CI/CD pipelines to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying software, allowing for rapid and reliable delivery of updates and enhancements.


Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for seamless expansion and growth as your organization's needs evolve.


We prioritize security throughout the development process, implementing best practices and security measures to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.


Each project is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients, ensuring that the final product meets their unique requirements and delivers maximum value.


Cybersecurity for Local Government 

TECKpert's Cybersecurity for Local Government - CEPS™ service is tailored to meet the unique cybersecurity needs of local governments. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, protecting critical information systems and data is paramount. Our service provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, offering education, planning, and support to enhance cyber resilience and safeguard sensitive information.
Local government agencies face numerous challenges in addressing cybersecurity threats
Lack of Specialized Knowledge

Many local government entities lack in-house cybersecurity expertise, making it challenging to identify and mitigate cyber threats effectively.

Budget Constraints

Limited resources and budget constraints often prevent local governments from implementing robust cybersecurity measures and investing in necessary technology and training.

Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape

The dynamic nature of cyber threats requires continuous monitoring and adaptation, which can be challenging for local government agencies with limited resources.

Underserved by the Industry

Local government entities are often underserved by the cybersecurity industry, with solutions primarily designed for larger organizations or the private sector.

TECKpert provides Education, Planning, and Support to fortify cyberdefense for local Government
Training and Awareness

Enhance cybersecurity awareness and knowledge across your organization through specialized training programs and awareness campaigns, empowering employees to become proactive defenders against cyber threats.

Incident Response Plan

Develop and implement a comprehensive incident response plan to guide your organization's response to cyber incidents, including procedures for containment, investigation, and recovery.


Conduct regular cybersecurity exercises and simulations to test the effectiveness of your incident response plan and enhance the readiness of your organization to handle cyber threats.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with state regulations and industry standards by implementing robust cybersecurity frameworks and practices tailored to local government requirements.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert support and guidance from our cybersecurity professionals throughout the implementation and maintenance of cybersecurity solutions, ensuring effective protection against cyber threats.

Technology Integration

 Seamlessly integrate cybersecurity solutions into existing IT infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance without disruption to operations.

24/7 Monitoring

Gain peace of mind with continuous monitoring of critical systems and networks, enabling timely detection and response to potential cyber threats and incidents.

Incident Response

Receive swift and effective incident response services in the event of a cyber attack or security breach, minimizing damage and restoring operations quickly.


Software Modernization

TECKpert's Software Modernization solution is a comprehensive offering designed to help organizations upgrade and modernize their legacy software systems. Our approach involves leveraging the latest technology and industry best practices to streamline and optimize software systems for peak performance, scalability, and security.

Our solution utilizes AI to scan your code repository for deficiencies and vulnerabilities, primarily in Java based code. We then create code to resolve these issues, enabling your legacy software to meet current and future demands. This process can cut down the time and resources needed for modernization to a fraction of what is typically required.

We staff a team of technical experts that works alongside your in-house developers to fix the code and commit to branches that can be reviewed and tested before being put into production. This allows for parallel development to take place, ensuring that your legacy software systems are being modernized in real-time.
The modernization process typically consists of several phases, including:

Our first step is to gain a comprehensive insight into the environment and thoroughly analyze the software applications and codebase. The objective is to identify areas of improvement, vulnerabilities, technical debt, and prioritize the modernization efforts.


Our team will develop a modernization plan that includes the specific changes that need to be made to the codebase. We will define the resources for the project and a schedule that outlines key milestones and deliverables.


During this stage, our team will begin implementing the modernization plan, using our staff augmentation service. We will work in parallel with your in-house development teams, committing changes to branches that can be reviewed, tested and validated before being put into production.

Continuous Delivery

Provides ongoing remediation, validation, and continuous improvement for the modernized software. This phase is particularly beneficial for large teams or organizations that have an extensive codebase and ongoing development cycles.