Adrian Esquivel
December 19, 2013

5 Tech Trends for 2014

Technology is growing every day. Over the years, we've seen products and companies die out because they were overshadowed by the next big thing. This year, we saw the release of Apple's iOS7 update, which had a huge impact on how user interfaces are designed. So, what's in store for 2014? Take a look at TECKpert's top tech trends for next year.

Wearable Devices

From Google Glass to smart watches, you'll see more and more people matching form with function with wearable tech. Take a look at how you may be seeing the world soon through Google Glasses.

Personal Cloud

Keeping all your files on just one computer is not the right way to safeguard your data. Services like iCloud have already showed you how you can keep your data in more than one place using the cloud.

Better Screens

From smartphones and tablets to PC's and TV's, you’re going to see more of brighter and higher contrast displays, like curved screens, hitting the market in 2014.

Year of the Tablet

When the time comes to replace your home PC, chances are you are going to lean toward a tablet for your home. With more devices hitting the market, prices for tablets are going down. It’s going to be easier than ever to get your hands on the latest tablet in the next year.

Health and Lifestyle Tech

New Years’ resolutions don’t just mean getting a gym membership anymore. With new technologies, like wearable fitness devices and better healthcare apps, tech will help you stay healthy and fit in 2014.Have something to add to the list? Tweet us your tech predictions for 2014.