Adrian Esquivel
February 12, 2014

6 Online Marketing Tools We Love

We’ve shared tips and tricks on various Online Marketing techniques you can use for your business. But, even us experts get a little help from different tools used to execute strategies and measure efforts. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to share the love and show you our favorite Online Marketing tools.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Sample

Google Analytics is the most essential tool when it comes to tracking how your site is performing. With this tool, you are able to track everything from the behavior of your visitors to how many leads are being generated. By learning how users navigate around your site, you get great insight as to what is working and what needs some tweaking. With this knowledge, you are then able to make changes as necessary to your website and marketing strategy.

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Google is a key factor in the SEO game, so it’s no surprise it makes the list twice. Google’s Keyword Planner isn’t just a useful tool when running AdWords campaigns; it is also a means of getting keyword information when trying to gain organic traffic. The Keyword Planner gives you ideas for keywords, traffic estimates and search volumes. Based on the information you gain from this tool, you can create landing pages for relevant keywords in your industry you see will perform well.

Constant Contact

There are various Email Marketing providers that ultimately help you achieve your goal of sending newsletters to your email lists; but, we know Email Marketing is a little more complicated than that. Constant Contact has different features that help you run your email campaigns smoothly. If you’re not an HTML guru, Constant Contact has email templates to choose from so you can customize your newsletters and autoresponders by just dragging and dropping. Track open rates, clicks and unsubscribers to determine what changes you should be making in your next email.

Facebook Insights

Of all the analytics social media sites provide, we think Facebook does it best. Facebook Insights gives you plenty of information, such as what posts are performing well, who your fans are and how often your page is liked or visited. It goes beyond giving you plain old stats and numbers; these performance measurements give you a much better idea of how to strategize future posts and campaigns.

TECKpert Engage

[video width="444" height="276" webm=""][/video]Bias aside, TECKpert’s Engage sits at the top of the list when it comes to Online Marketing tools we love. Engage gathers metrics and stats you receive from these other tools, and places them in one easy-to-use platform. Monitor your website traffic, social media engagement, AdWords campaigns and Email Marketing from a central location, all while also tracking your current competitors and managing content. Get in touch with us to learn how you can start using this tool to enhance your Online Marketing strategy.


While there are different WordPress plugins that can help you with your Online Marketing efforts, Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin is our pick (see our Plugin of the Month article from 2013). It essentially analyzes your page and lets you know how to improve your content, providing you with a simple way to manage your SEO. Easily set templates for titles and meta descriptions or edit them individually. Not sure if your page will be picked up by search engines? Go through the Page Analysis report to see what improvements you can make. The plugin also creates XML sitemaps for your indexed pages, allows you to clean up permalinks and much more. See a snippet of a sample Page Analysis report below.

SEO Yoast Page Analysis