Adrian Esquivel
January 23, 2015

Why Apps are the Future of the Mobile Web

We�re all familiar with the 2009 �there�s an App for that�� phrase made popular by Apple. Fast forward to 2015, it seems like that echoes ever more clearly with mobile applications getting used on average 86% over the mobile web. New mobile apps are being downloaded daily and cannibalizing the standard mobile browser due to their ease in navigation and search capabilities.Take CorkageFee as an example. Wine lovers who want to indulge in a bottle of wine at their favorite restaurant, can use their mobile browser and search �corkage fees at XYZ restaurant� they�ll get a query of results, some applicable and most�not. However, with the CorkageFee app, users don�t have to waste their time filtering through the information; instead they can view all the fees in one centralized place.In addition to the amount of time that consumers are now spending on apps, there are several advantages that mobile apps have over mobile browsers.

  1. Accessibility: Mobile apps require the user to download the content and it lives within thumb reach to load on screen. Visiting a website requires you to open the browser and type in the web address.
  2. Control: Apps create a unique opportunity for interactive capabilities like launching loyalty programs and using mobile payments. In contrast, mobile browsers have more limited functionality.
  3. Data gathering: Mobile apps allow companies to gather customer data regarding preference and behaviors and location based push notifications.
  4. Engagement: When users download an app they tend to use it more frequently and for longer periods of time than a mobile browser.
  5. Ease of use: Typically, mobile apps are simplified versions of a company's mobile website (like banking app, for example). They have their�own key features that make functions quick and simple.

As you decide whether your company wants to develop a new app or mobile website, it�s important to consider your goals. What is your mobile strategy? What business decision is driving this strategy? Make sure you have a clear goal as you get started. Brainstorming sessions with your marketing team or a digital agency (we know a good one) can help achieve more clarity and guidance on your mobile app strategy. Mastering this platform will give many businesses a distinct advantage over their competitors.