Cybersecurity - Don’t Wait

There is a saying that yesterday was the best day to begin and today is the second best day to begin shoring up your cybersecurity processes. In today's technology-driven world, cybersecurity has become a top concern for businesses of all sizes and all industries both government and private sector. With the ever-increasing frequency and complexity of cyber attacks, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. While it may seem difficult to understand, ignoring cybersecurity issues is simply not an option.


It is understandable that leaders are hesitant to implement strategies that they do not fully understand. CyberSecurityDive wrote, “Less than 9% of an average board has technical expertise, research from Diligent Institute found. Even worse, half of the companies surveyed have no technical expertise on the board at all.” We all have our own specific expertise and cybersecurity can be quite niche. But leaning on and trusting those experts to do what is right is essential. There are industry standards that can be implemented fairly easily that will help any organization from the majority of cybersecurity problems.

Cyber Attack Consequences

The consequences of a cyber attack can be catastrophic for any organization. Just ask some organizations like Chick-fil-A, T-Mobile, and Los Angeles Unified School District that recently went through (or are still navigating the effects) a cyber attack. Not only can it cause financial losses and reputational damage, but it can also compromise sensitive data and jeopardize the privacy of customers and employees. With the increasing use of cloud-based services and remote work, the attack surface for cyber criminals is expanding rapidly, making it even more important to ensure that your organization's cybersecurity is up to date.

Cybersecurity Challenges

One of the challenges of cybersecurity is that it can be difficult to identify all the potential vulnerabilities in your systems. This is especially true for legacy code and applications that may not have been updated in years. It is essential to monitor these legacy systems to identify any potential security issues and take the necessary steps to mitigate the risks.Another area that requires attention is the modernization of your applications. Outdated applications can be an easy target for cyber criminals. By keeping your applications up to date, you can ensure that you are using the latest security protocols and staying ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

Modernizing your Cybersecurity

While modernizing your cybersecurity may seem like a daunting task, it is worth the effort. Investing in modern security technologies and practices can make your team more efficient by reducing the amount of time and resources needed to monitor and mitigate potential threats. It can also provide peace of mind, knowing that your organization is protected against cyber attacks.

Top of the Priority List

Cybersecurity may be complex and difficult to understand, but it cannot hold you back from doing what is best for your organization. The consequences of ignoring cybersecurity issues are simply too big to ignore. Monitoring legacy code, modernizing applications, and investing in modern security technologies are all essential steps to keep your organization secure. By taking these steps, you can protect your organization from cyber threats and enable your team to work more efficiently. No matter what stage you are in, TECKpert can help you build your cyber security plan or implement your plan with the best cybersecurity experts! Reach out today.