What Facebook's Latest Acquisition Means for Your Privacy

The more we get to know, talk and spend time with a friend, the easier it becomes to recognize their voice over the telephone or in a crowded room. Soon Facebook will be able to do the same.Like a close friend, Facebook already knows a lot of your daily habits�� things like where you live and where you like eat. It knows what you look like (did someone say selfie?) and it knows which friends you tend to spend the most time with. So, much like the time it takes to get to know a friend, it doesn�t seem too far-fetched that the social data giant will soon be able to recognize your voice as well or better than some of your friends.Facebook�s recent acquisition of Wit.ai, a voice-interface software company is how it plans on doing that. At first glance the acquisition sounds like something that�s overdue, giving users the ability to dictate their messages or posts verbally through their smartphones or computers, but there are privacy concerns that linger with this new acquisition. Knowing what you and your friends sound like gives Facebook access to more data than it has had in the past, adding to your social footprint in a very personal, maybe not so �friendly� way.What are your thoughts on Facebook�s recent acquisition? Share them below.