Form Meets Function: A Look Behind the CMS curtain

The best way to explain the importance of a content management system (CMS) is to compare websites to restaurants. Diners go in, are greeted by a smiling hostess and guided to a table. The aesthetic is sleek, comfortable and controlled. But it doesn't matter how nice the restaurant looks if the food isn't edible. And if you go to the back of the house and visit the kitchen in most restaurants, oftentimes you will see the exact opposite aesthetic: grease fires, bad lighting and people buzzing around in a hive of chaos.When you visit a website, you see the dining room. But when you run a website, you see it from the kitchen sink. That said, it doesn't have to be chaotic for quality to exist there.

Why We (Almost Exclusively) Use WordPress

Many of the CMS options out there are optimized for specific uses and not much else. Running with the same analogy, it would be like building a kitchen with eighteen stoves for a twenty table restaurant.Some companies hire engineers to custom-build a CMS, but that process can easily run into the six-figure range. Instead of developing a fully-customized CMS, which is not incredibly �user-friendly,� we recommend starting with WordPress. Within the framework of WordPress, we are able to develop a multitude of customizeable options that perfectly synch with your online needs. We develop features for every type of site be it content-based, portfolio-centric, real estate, or another.

Why You Should (Almost Exclusively) Use WordPress

The primary benefit to running your site on a Wordpress platform as opposed to HTML is that you can update, maintain and add to the site yourself. You no longer need to email your web guy for a three sentence change or to update a set of photos on your homepage. You can easily work your own blog, coordinate new HTML5 slide shows and add new pages at your whim.WordPress�is a breeze even for those who would qualify themselves as "tech-illiterate." Its platform is so easy and clean that within a few minutes of playing around you can easily integrate social media widgets and Google Site-Map creation, add videos and connect your mailing list to your blog and email newsletters.We could go on and on about why WordPress�is a perfect fit your website and your business--but that could take up more than this blog space will allow.Instead, go ahead and schedule a free consultation to learn more. We would be happy to show you how the back end of a website can change the entire online experience.