Adrian Esquivel
October 18, 2013

Increasing Your Email Open Rate

Increasing Your Email Open Rate

Your email marketing strategy may be borderline flawless. Your content is relevant, useful and properly targeted. Your email template is modern and accurately defines your brand. Yet, you’re still wondering, “Why are my open rates so low?” You've forgotten about the one critical factor used to instantly grab your audience’s attention: the subject line. So how do you create the perfect subject?

Be Mobile-Friendly

About 43% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. This is important for multiple reasons. For one, mobile users are usually on the go. Your message has to catch their attention right off the bat. If not, you’re risking getting your email instantly deleted or ignored. Because so many users are checking their emails on mobile devices, it’s important that your message be modified for them. How much of the subject line they are able to initially read is limited, so make it quick.

KISS: Keep it Short & Simple

When it comes to email marketing, less is more. Even if your users are checking their email on their desktops, you don’t want to turn them off right from the start with a long subject line. Emails with less than 50 characters as the subject tend to have 12.5% higher open rates. Determine the basis of your entire email and sum it up in one eye-catching line.

Brand it

It’s a good idea to add your brand name where it makes sense. Only include it in instances where it flows properly with the rest of your message. Your open rate might currently be low because subscribers aren't recognizing your emails. If you’re having a promotion, for example, state your brand name and what you are offering. This lets them know who you are and how they can benefit from opening the email.

Don’t Sound Like Spam

Think about the emails currently in your own spam folder and note the wording. There are certain phrases in subject lines and within actual emails themselves that are considered “spammy.” Your email may either automatically end up in subscribers’ spam folders or they will mark it as so. Using phrases like “buy now” and “click here,” or an overuse of exclamation points, will get you sent straight to the spam folder. If your email marketing service provider offers a spam check, like Constant Contact, use it before sending your email blast.Ask yourself, "If I were my target market, would I honestly open this email?" If not, rethink your subject line based on these tips and the knowledge you have of your market.Need more expert help with your email marketing strategy? Get in touch with us today.