Adrian Esquivel
January 19, 2016

Increasing Your Organic Search Reach Through Twitter

You may have heard that back in February 2015, Twitter struck up a deal with Google to allow the 140-character updates�on Google's results pages. After experimenting with displaying tweets in desktop results for some months, it finally expanded to mobile results in May 2015.If you haven't noticed them yet, you can find them�displayed in a carousel format on�Google's search engine results page � SERP�(typically above the fold depending on the content you're searching for).While tweets are becoming more visible in Google's SERP, not even close to all of them�are being indexed. In a study by Stone Temple Consulting, only 7.4% of tweets in their sample were being indexed in February when the update first rolled out, with only .6% being indexed within seven days. Fast forward to June, when Twitter results have already rolled out�onto Google's mobile search, they noticed a 466% increase in tweets indexed within seven days � now at 3.4%.We can only hope that as time goes on and social continues to grow as a credible source, Google will index more tweets, giving users greater reach potential.In the meantime, it's important to try to improve your social footprint. Not only is this beneficial for you on the respective network, but a higher Social Authority means a higher chance of your tweets appearing on Google's SERP. And as you know, more organic reach = big win for your brand. Work on building a social relationship�with others in your field�and establish leadership by becoming an authority on topics within your industry.Want to learn more about getting the best organic social reach? Get in touch with one of our marketing experts and we'll develop a strategy that works best for your business.