Is the Blockchain Really Going to Disrupt My Industry?

Bitcoin and the blockchain. These words go hand in hand.As you know, the blockchain was created for Bitcoin and I’m sure many of you have googled both. You’ve probably even read articles on Bloomberg, CNBC, IBM’s blog, and a host of other sites explaining Bitcoin and the blockchain. I mean, who hasn’t written about it at this point? I’m not here to talk to you about Bitcoin or its apparent potential as a reserve currency, how to get rich on it, how not to get rektd, or even to try to explain crypto slang.I’ve heard many people say, “blockchain is going to disrupt [insert my industry] here.”Really?I mean, you don’t want to be that guy back in the early 90’s who said, “Internet? No thanks.”So, I get it. But how many people really understand the blockchain?Like any new technology, first, you have to understand the concept and see its use in the real world to understand how it could potentially impact your industry and your business.Outside of Bitcoin (and crypto currencies), I’d like to see something in production other than birthing and growing virtual kitties in a mobile app. IBM’s doing some cool stuff and there are some major players jumping in the space.Can we look past the “Man Bought House in Bitcoin” headlines and dig into the technology and potential applications before we say “blockchain is going to disrupt [insert my industry] here”?That would be great.In the meantime, checkout this article on our blog called “What the Blockchain Means for Your Business”. Maybe this can shed some light on how it can (or can’t) help your business.