Know What Words Turn Leads Into Customers

Sometimes, you have 140 characters to get your message across. Other times, you have no limit (although you really should). But are you using the right messaging to actually convert your audience?There's a science to finding the perfect combination of words that will have users engaging with your brand. One word could be the difference between a potential lead and a quality customer.So, how do you know if that one word in your email subject line is ruining your Online Marketing efforts? Buffer broke down some powerful words and sorted them into the ultimate list of words and phrases that convert.

5 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. Instantly
  5. New

These are words best used in calls to action, headlines, subject lines and opening sentences. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.The word "you" places your brand on a more one-on-one level with the reader. Sure, you're reaching thousands of people with your tweet, but adding the word "you" automatically makes it seem more personal. Everyone loves something free - not much psychology behind that one. "Because" provides readers with a a reason and, ultimately, an incentive to consider your business. Everyone also loves immediate gratification, so using the word "instantly" within a sales pitch catches their attention and signifies a reward they won't have to wait for. Improved products and services are great. The fact that there's something "new" for users to try out creates excitement.Do you have an event or sign up that brings users together as a community? Try these in email signups, trial offers and in-app messaging.

3 Phrases That Encourage Community

  1. Join
  2. Become a member
  3. Come along

So, your business offers sales and promotions to interested buyers. What do you say to get them to convert?

9 Phrases That Imply Scarcity

  1. Limited offer
  2. Supplies running out
  3. Get them while they last
  4. Sale ends soon
  5. Today only
  6. Only [8] available
  7. Only [2] left
  8. Only available here
  9. Double the offer in the next hour only

No one wants to be left out. If your readers are seeing that there are X amount of items available, you're sending a sense of urgency and that your product is in demand. Use these phrases in headings and promotional copy.You want customers to pay for your products and services, but how do you get strangers to trust your brand? You make them feel like they're in good hands.

12 Words & Phrases That Make You Feel Safe

  1. Best-selling
  2. Certified
  3. Guaranteed
  4. Moneyback
  5. No obligation
  6. No questions asked
  7. No risk
  8. No strings attached
  9. Proven
  10. Results
  11. Tested
  12. Try before you buy

These are important to include anywhere that requires customers to pay or sign up. It assures them that they won't be cheated nor will their time and money go to the wrong place.You have a great subject line, intro and body copy, but how do you give readers the final push to consider your products and services? Use these words and phrases within closing paragraphs.

10 Cause-And-Effect Words & Phrases

  1. Accordingly
  2. As a result
  3. Because
  4. Caused by
  5. Consequently
  6. Due to
  7. For this reason
  8. Since
  9. Therefore
  10. Thus

These phrases give insight as to why they should consider what you're offering. It creates a cause and effect that makes your messaging sound objective, rather than subjective.There you have it. Incorporate these power words into your next email, post or copy to start turning leads into customers.Do you have specific words or phrases that have helped you convert customers? Share with us below.