Making the Case: Email Marketing For Law Firms

For law firms, it’s easy to see how online marketing can be intimidating. The constant flow of new information, the endless demand for original content and the pressures to deliver while still keeping privacy intact, can deter any firm from joining the fray.

But in today’s marketplace, it’s do or die. In order for your firm to succeed, you have to be willing to play in the same ponds as your clients. You have to reach them on their time and on their level.According to recent studies, that level is email. As it has become the best way to share content and reach consumers, email is one of the main factors within online marketing that should never be overlooked.

Getting Started

After you’ve compiled your mailing list, which should be comprised of clients, potential clients, business partners and network connections, you need to elect a email platform. An email newsletter should never come from your general inbox. Keeping email personal is key, but keeping it professional is vital.Two platforms that we recommend are Constant Contact and MailChimp, MailChimp is free, so it’s great for the budget conscious but Constant Contact offers a little more ease and flexibility when it comes to template design and user-interface.

Sharing the Right Content

Email newsletters are not a good place for you to sell, sell, sell. In fact, they’re one of the worst places for you to do that. Leveraging email to create an engaged connection with your subscribers should be your main goal.Just like with social media, the tone of your emails should be similar to one you would use at a dinner party. Wit is great (especially in the subject line) and showing off your personality is an absolute must. When everyone on your mailing list sees the people of your firm as more than smart, capable suits, your email campaign will be a complete success.Promote any charitable work your firm does, share a Q&A with your new intern, and write seasonal checklists (for example: Hurricane Preparedness in Florida for the Summer). Another powerful tactic is to ask other professionals in your network to write a mini blog post on their field to include in your next newsletter. They will be grateful for the exposure while you will get credit with the people in your mailing list.

Ready, Set, Send

There’s a reason well-executed email newsletters have one of the highest ROIs in online marketing. If you have any questions about the best way for your firm to begin a campaign, feel free to contact us today.