Making the Case: Legal Blogging

Successful lawyers get most of their clients through word-of-mouth marketing. It's always been their most reliable and truest method for obtaining new business.But in today's online and digital marketplace, a lawyer's reputation is forced to develop differently than it did before.

How Blogging Can Grow a Practice

Legal blogs are an effective method to showcase your expertise, authority, experience and leadership. Maintaining a regular blog expands your website's breadth, allowing for it to be recognized more widely and ranked higher on search engines like Google.A blog can amplify and extend your business's network through attracting prospective leads simply by sharing engaging and informative content. As the value of content rises, a quality blog can amass a following of influencers including clients, referral sources and the media.Unlike traditional journals and articles, blogs are published more quickly, they are more widely read and have a longer shelf-life thus promoting your firm to a better effect.

Beyond a Website

No matter how brilliant, interactive and aesthetically pleasing your legal website may be--a blog always adds a depth and vibrancy to it. Blogs are timely, personal and interactive. They create an engaging atmosphere where prospective clients are able to view you as a person, someone they can trust, question and interact with on a personal level.

What to Write About

An excellent place to start is to define black and white topics such as: who is responsible for the medical bills after an auto accident or how child support is determined. Successful legal blogs eventually branch away from the clear cut topics and studies of their particular area of expertise and begin to study the legal aspects of current events. Criminal defense lawyers might want to discuss Florida's Stand Your Ground law. An intellectual property lawyer could write about the patent process in regards to the ongoing suits and countersuits in Silicon Valley.In the end, the best blogs are personal. They are written as editorial pieces giving opinion-based perspectives that showcase one's expertise. Results are guaranteed if you persist, demonstrate prowess, and maintain a regular posting schedule.At TECKpert, we're more than happy to discuss how legal blogging can benefit your firm in further depth. Contact us to schedule a free consultation on legal blogging today.