Moniker is Down: What to do When Your Registrar has an Outage

In May, we received an email from Moniker saying that they were enhancing their platform, products, and support through a 're-imagined' platform. It was all going to come online Monday June 2nd along with a bunch of new gTLDs (Top Level Domains).Sounds great!Exciting!Can't wait until June 2nd!

Case of the Monday's?

Monday finally came and we went to check out Moniker. We got this.

Moniker Down

Tango down.Today is Wednesday and that's still what we get. We've been locked out and can't make any changes to our domains.

What to do when your registrar is down

We have a notable domain portfolio spread across registrars including GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Namecheap to name a few. You may have stumbled on this article wanting to know what to do when you need to get to your domain and your registrar is down. Well, if it's a system-wide outage like this, then you're pretty SOL.Thankfully, we don't use our registrars for DNS hosting. Typical operations outside of registering a domain would be to change nameservers or transfer in/out domains, which we need to with one of our domains right now. So, we'll standby and wait like everyone else is doing right now.