Submitting Articles = Web Traffic

Submitting articles to article directories is one of the internet marketing strategies that I perform for my clients. Here are some benefits of submitting articles and how this can help improve your website or blog traffic.Free Advertising:Most article directories allow you to include links in the article that you can direct back to your website. When you write articles with content related to your product offer, you are able to advertise them indirectly and include a link back to your product or services.Increase traffic to your website: With the links that you are allowed to include in your article content and your author bio box, you have created a way for visitors to click on the links and get directed to your website. When crafted in a strategic way, these links will bring readers to your website. This is more likely to occur when your articles are being chosen by website owners to post in their own website blog and republished all over the internet.Viral Marketing: If your articles are well-written and picked up by website owners to post in their blogs, this automatically creates a viral effect for your article content. Your article can then be republished all over the internet with backlinks to your product offer or website. Most article directories and blogs have RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology which produces RSS feeds for all blog content. These articles can be spread easily through RSS feeds.Articles Spread Automatically by Scripts: There have been many new scripts that pull articles automatically from article directories. These scripts will help spread your articles to blogs all over the internet providing you with backlinks and traffic back to your websites.Increase your credibility: Most article directories allow you to have an author bio box at the bottom of every articles you submitted. You can use your author bio box to promote your business or personal brand to build a brand image for yourself. In the author box, remember to promote your web page by including a link back to your website or blog for more information on the related articles you have submitted.