Tech Insights: A Game Plan for Developers to Avoid Burnout

Technology developers are at risk of burnout due to the fast-paced, high-stress nature of their work. Burnout can lead to decreased productivity, poor performance, and even long-term health problems. We want our technical developers to not just avoid burnout but also to thrive!

Here are nine ways that tech developers can avoid burnout:

  1. Take time off.It may seem obvious, but it is important for tech workers, especially those who are contracted and do not have paid time off, to prioritize taking time off. Even if you do not have official PTO, you can negotiate for the amount of time off that you need as part of your pay package.
  2. Identify the causes of burnout.Burnout is not always caused by working overtime. It can also be caused by bad processes and unrealistic expectations. As a tech developer, you can help prevent burnout by being a better leader to your team and setting clear, achievable goals.
  3. Don't take on too much.If you feel overwhelmed, it may be because you have taken on more than you can handle. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It is better to ask for assistance now than to deliver subpar work later. Know your limits and set boundaries to avoid burnout.
  4. Use the Pomodoro Technique.This time management technique involves choosing a task, setting a timer for 25 minutes, and working on the task for the entire time. Take a 5-minute break, and repeat the process. Every fourth time, you can take a longer break. This technique can help you stay focused and avoid burnout by taking regular breaks. During these breaks, we recommend drinking water and doing a few stretches.
  5. Accomplish small tasks.It can be overwhelming to look at a long to-do list. To combat this, try to accomplish something small every day, no matter how insignificant it may seem. This will help you feel like you are making progress and reduce the risk of burnout.
  6. Make time for hobbies and creative outlets.It may seem counterintuitive to make time for other activities when you are overwhelmed, but stepping away from work can actually put you in a better and more productive mindset when you return. Make time for hobbies and activities that fill your cup and help you relax.
  7. Step away from screens.The constant use of screens can contribute to burnout. Take breaks from screens and get outside, go for a walk, read a book, play a board game with your family, or share a meal with friends.
  8. Reflect on your career path.Sometimes burnout can be caused by a lack of passion for your work. Take a moment to think about why you wanted to pursue a career in technology and what inspires you. Talk to your leaders and network about your passions and how you can best utilize them. Is it time to stay the course or change the path?
  9. Seek help from a therapist.A therapist can help you build a toolkit to prevent burnout and address other issues that may arise in your day-to-day life. Don't be afraid to seek help if you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

By following these nine tips, tech developers…well, all in the tech industry…can reduce the risk of burnout and maintain a healthy and productive career. If you are looking for the next step in your tech career, check out the latest job openings at TECKpert. You can also email your resume to