Tech Insights: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing teams are a powerful resource extending and supporting your internal resources and directives, particularly for more specialty projects such as site rebrands, content creations, managing eCommerce stores, and providing reliable brand management. The benefits of bringing in an external marketing team to support company initiatives are immediate and long lasting. For now, let’s jump into how external Digital teams and resources can elevate your digital marketing efforts and help you meet your goals.

Defining Your Needs

There are a few things to think about when it comes to defining your scope. First, how big of a project are you planning? Are your needs brief, or would you benefit from extended support from a specialized team?The next step is to look internally and evaluate the resources you already have. How many team members do you have available to take on the project, and what additional skill sets would be the most complementary and beneficial to your needs?

Create a Timeline

Is your project limited to one event? Or will there be continuous needs down the line. It can be helpful to break down a timeline from where you are to your desired endpoint and work out the demands on your existing team, and the required tasks to fill in the blanks. This will help you get a bird’s eye view of your full scope and better define your needs for bringing in a digital support team.

What Digital Marketing Can Do For You

Okay, so you need to bring in a supportive digital team. What does that look like? And what kinds of roles can they fill?Digital marketers and teams tackle everything from logo redesign, to full-on rebranding, to creating mobile apps to meet your needs, and managing social media. In the growing digital landscape a multi-channel marketing approach is the only way to fly. This means making sure all your bases are covered; not just your user interface and landing pages, but also your campaign templates, CRMs, apps, online store, digital products, and all other marketing and revenue avenues are not only operational, but consistent. Ensuring a cohesive brand goes beyond visual implementations, you’ll also need to fortify your tech team to troubleshoot bugs, optimize user pathways, and monitor real user experience to further streamline site load and feature functions. When combined, that’s a tall order, and is also why consultation and strategy development should be your first actions.

Taking the Next Step

Assembling and maintaining a talented digital team is a full-time job. And let’s face it, sometimes your needs grow last minute as you decide to explore additional marketing avenues and site opportunities. Finding the right employee to build new roads can eat a lot of time from your project timeline - and it’s another good reason to outsource to a reputable organization that has talented humans on standby for just these occasions.

How it Works

Integrating into the world of Digital Marketing with strategic teams is a surprisingly low-stress endeavor, (at least with us), because we approach the partnership logically and provide supportive tools and assets with room for project expansion.

  1. Send us your requirements and describe your project

This will help determine what size team you need and what skills they need to have.

  1. Discovery and review

Like we said, strategy, strategy, strategy. This step is the first major review step where we connect and ensure our approach is aligned with your requirements.

  1. Candidate review

Make sure our team is a good cultural and skill fit for your project and company.

  1. Interview and selection

Narrow down the list and choose your digital team.

  1. Team Setup

Bring everyone up to speed and get started towards your goals.

  1. Implement and manage with our primary platform

Keep track of progress, communicate, delegate, and watch everything come together.Digital marketing is all about engineering connections between your product and your clients, users, and site visitors. Aspects of this can become extremely technical, but also are very exciting and innovative. Digital marketing opportunities are endless. Zooming in on an approach for each quarter and planning projects for your year as a whole is a good habit to practice - and a digital marketing team tasked with the marketing strategy for your company is a solid approach to take when evaluating and prioritizing your timeline. Not only does partnering with a Digital Marketing team allow you to refocus on your business, it is a solution to pull in expert talent to your projects in a way that can be scaled to meet your budget needs. Experienced teams can also put in place infrastructure to track your visitors, create targeted marketing and content, help you scale and implement your action plans, and shorten the time it takes to achieve your goals. Do you need a fresh set of eyes to breathe new life into your digital marketing strategy? Reach out to us today to get started.