TECKpert Announces Phase II of Technical Remote Hiring Platform - Upskilling

Opportunities for technical workers to access additional education to fill the in-demand skills gap for companies utilizing a contingent workforce.MIAMI, FL - Miami-based tech consulting company, TECKpert, launches Phase II of their newest hiring platform to provide an exceptional user-experience for all team members through their mobile app available in iOS and Android. TECKpert strives to provide a positive work experience for their hundreds of, both, contract and non-contract team members. The app is the first step of the hiring process at TECKpert providing a platform to create a professional profile, go through the screening process, view new job opportunities, and manage their contracts and billable hours. Managing a large remote digital workforce can be challenging for most, but utilizing the TECKpert remote hiring platform gives TECKpert and their clients fast access to in-demand skilled technical talent.

Upskilling for Digital Talent

Phase II introduces several features like upskilling and user-experience enhancements. The TECKpert team is most excited about the opportunity to offer upskilling to their technical experts. Courses are offered for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Science, Design, IT & Cloud, Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation. Some are beginner level classes for those looking to learn an entirely new skill. Others courses are quite advanced for those looking for a challenge.The new dashboard provides intuitive navigation with more user prompts and alerts. The user can view a profile completion bar and is given tasks to ensure proper profile completion. Alerts will go out automatically as new job opportunities arise and to remind team members to record their time for current contracts. Now, through offering new educational benefits to their team, TECKpert is able to provide even more in-demand skills to their diverse clients in need of innovative digital transformations. Months ago, needs ranged from helping teams transition to working-from-home, to managing current projects and not missing deadlines during crunch time. Now requests are for a wide range of projects that further digital transformation by leveraging our Implement by TECKpert® service. Our flagship service delivers staff augmentation service enabling IT and marketing departments to deliver projects vital to their digital transformation strategy. TECKpert’s CEO, Adrian Esquivel, said about the Phase II rollout, “We are thrilled to be able to offer this resource to our team members across the country. For decades, as the rate of technology has grown exponentially, we have known that development of new skills is key to a thriving tech career. We are looking forward to seeing the powerful innovations for our clients and our society that comes from this educational boom.” ###About: TECKpert provides design, development, marketing and staff augmentation solutions for businesses and clients of all sizes. We build innovative digital solutions for clients from all industries, including healthcare, finance, government, legal and real estate. As award-winning, long-time developers, creators and strategists, we understand what it takes to achieve success in the new economy–and we know how to identify the talent that will bolster your own team’s capabilities. As you look to grow your capabilities and your digital presence, look to TECKpert. We are your digital partners.For more information on TECKpert, visit www.teckpert.com. Contact: Mary BargagliottiSenior Marketing Associate – Available for interview786-393-5826 ext 118mbargagliotti@teckpert.com