Book release from TECKpert is now live on Amazon for sale in Kindle, Audio and Print versions.MIAMI, FL – TECKpert, a technical consulting and staff augmentation company, is proud to announce the release of their new book: The Future of the Workforce Is Now. CEO and author, Adrian Esquivel, shares insights gleaned from his experience in the tech industry since 2009. The book details the impact of technology on the workforce, the intrinsic values of the traditional and non-traditional workforce, and how to best utilize today’s workforce and technology to plan for the future of any organization. “This time of tremendous disruption and innovation is both intimidating and exciting. With this book, I hope to bring insight into future-proofing an organization with talent and technology,” said Adrian Esquivel, TECKpert Chief Executive Officer. “A major element of the book is the contingent workforce and how it can be best utilized within organizations and how organizations can support the contingent workforce with their non-traditional set of values. The more we use technology to support the human experience, the better off the organization and workers will both be. There are many misconceptions about those who choose contract work and they are vastly underutilized. Digital Transformations big and small are essential for a successful business and career.”Early books reviews on Amazon: “There are a lot of changing elements in the workplace right now so having a resource that acknowledges that and offers solutions is so helpful. Getting a breakdown of different types of employees, hiring solutions, and work structures is useful. If you're looking for action-oriented industry knowledge, this is it.” - Emily B. “As an HR professional I often have discussions about how to manage and be an individual contributor outside of an office environment. This book gave me great coaching tools to help the employees I support and great insight into the new norm of a remote work environment.” - Andrea G. “This book was very helpful to me. It provided me with a new way to look at my role and how I can impact others in the workplace.” - Brent J.“Great resource! Quick read with useful information! Highly recommended!” - Kaci G. With highly skilled graphic design professionals on the TECKpert team, the print version is uniquely a glossy magazine also meant for display. For more information, reach out through the website at https://teckpert.com/future-of-workforce-ebook/ For a free consultation on how to best utilize your traditional and contingent workforce, reach out today! About the Author: Adrian Esquivel is the CEO and Founder of TECKpert. He has been in the business of people and technology for more than a decade. In 2009, he “opened the doors” at TECKpert to provide cutting-edge technical solutions to organizations. As the business grew quickly, he knew he could not do this without the best technical talent available.After working with hundreds of companies and organizations and building a proprietary platform of thousands of highly skilled technical talent, he is proud of TECKpert’s lasting impact. The partnerships built with organizations to deliver on their mission and future-proof their company has been recognized and is showcased through 30+ industry awards. The most significant and personally rewarding for Adrian has been watching the talented people grow in their roles and find passion in their work.Mr. Esquivel, his wife and their two children call Miami, Florida home.###Business Summary: TECKpert is a minority-owned, small business designated, tech consulting and staff augmentation business providing solutions to supplement or build technical teams. Since 2009, our highly skilled digital talent has implemented transformational solutions for a variety of organizations, large and small. Our talent is focused in providing solutions through web & software development, mobile development, IT & Cloud, Design & Creative, Marketing, and Data Science & Analytics. Our mission is to transform organizations with talent and technology. We are able to do this with the best talent available on our proprietary platform giving our clients the ability to scale-up or down, as necessary, based on needs of the project, contract and organization. For more information on TECKpert, visit www.teckpert.com. Contact: Mary BargagliottiSenior Marketing Associate – Available for interview786-393-5826 ext 118mbargagliotti@teckpert.com