Adrian Esquivel
October 15, 2020

Timely Tech Assessments Offered Effective Immediately

TECKpert responds to high demand for tech consulting through new offerings of Digital Transformation, IT, Branding and ADA Assessments. MIAMI, FL – Miami-based tech consulting and staff augmentation company, TECKpert, introduces four new Assessments by TECKpert®. Their Senior Digital Consultants have helped many companies successfully complete their own digital transformations throughout the years and have decided to formally include more Assessments.The current offering of Assessments by TECKpert® includes Websites, Applications, Marketing and Products. To meet the high demand, TECKpert now offers additional formal consulting on Digital Transformation, IT, Branding and ADA Assessments. Each service offers a mix of different analyses, such as Customer Personas, Tech Audits, Competitor Analysis, Processes & Digitization, Data Analysis, Market Research, GAP Analysis, Cyber Risk Audits, SWOT, Brand Analysis, Surveys, Logo Design, Copywriting, Style Guide, Scanning, Usability Analysis, Accessibility Statement, Reporting, Certification, and VPAT. TECKpert’s CEO, Adrian Esquivel, said about the new additions to the consulting services, “Several of these “new” topics we have consulted on over the years, but are now making a part of our regular offering given the current needs of our clients. This year has brought a level of uncertainty to companies. They are understandably perplexed and looking for answers. That is why we are here to offer our expertise and knowledge from various industries, together, for a creative and effective solution. Some of the issues brought to us seem daunting and complex, but the answer can be quite simple. This is why our clients keep coming back.” There are a number of reasons companies reach out for tech assessments and follow up services, Implement by TECKpert®, for staff augmentation. Below are the top four reasons, as reported from TECKpert Senior Digital Consultants, in 2020.

  1. Team Transitions - As companies embrace a mix of traditional and contingent workforces, they are looking for the best way to utilize each for the best results and highest engagement.
  2. Regulatory Requirements - Companies have experienced many regulatory changes throughout the years. The difference now is more regulations are focused on monitoring technologies that are support systems and not necessarily a company’s primary service or core competency. That is why a tech expert is key to keep up with the digital transformations needed to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Counter Threats - Each day in the news, there is another new story about a security breach. Companies want to be confident in the safety and security of their systems.
  4. Outside Perspective - This is a very traditional use of a consultant. The rapid rate of change and uncertainty in 2020 has amplified this need.

Assessments by TECKpert® are laid out in several steps. First, the free consultation to discuss your goals, objectives, and to get a background of your systems and processes. The Assessment process then moves through the steps of a formal kick off, collaboration, progress updates, deliverables and recommendations. For more information, reach out through the website at ###About: TECKpert provides technology consulting and staff augmentation solutions for businesses and clients of all sizes. We build innovative digital solutions for clients from all industries, including healthcare, finance, government, legal and real estate. As award-winning, long-time developers, creators and strategists, we understand what it takes to achieve success in the new economy–and we know how to identify the talent that will bolster your own team’s capabilities. As you look to grow your capabilities and your digital presence, look to TECKpert. We are your digital partners.For more information on TECKpert, visit Contact: Mary BargagliottiSenior Marketing Associate – Available for interview786-393-5826 ext