Adrian Esquivel
November 25, 2009

Can someone simply explain to me what are Web Apps?

Web Applications, or "web apps" for short, can be simply defined as software that is accessible via a web browser over the internet. A web app can reside as software in a hosted environment (i.e. server) created through a server side programming language. A web app can also exist at the client side level through browser compatible software code (such as JavaScript and HTML) and be executed through the browser. Web apps are increasing in presence because of the convenience of using a web browser. Demand for web apps has increased with the growth and accessibility of the internet combined with the explosion of mobile devices and social networking.What's So Cool about Web Apps?How about accessing your data and content from anywhere without having to worry about having a specific piece of software installed on your computer? Wish you can access your email from your phone? How about sharing your Facebook status with your twitter account? Web apps are cool because they take care of stuff like that for you.Here are some examples of web apps you might use:

If you've used any of these web apps, chances are they've made your personal or business life that much easier (or at least more enjoyable). And guess what, all you need is a browser to use them.With new technologies such as OAuth, OpenID, HTML, and CSS3 combined with open-source software and the release of robust APIs, we will see a new era for web applications.Enhanced user interface (UI) design, developments in software interoperability, and the need for instant access to information will continue to make the web app a part of everyone's daily life.