Adrian Esquivel
November 10, 2009

Wordpress 2.9 Just Around the Corner...What's New?

Anyday now (hopefully) wordpress 2.9 will be released. Actually it will probably be around December. So we are involved in beta testing so I can tell you there are some neat features being introduced. For those of you that use Wordpress for your blog or website, then I you want to hear about what's new with Wordpress 2.9. Check out the full list of features here. Here are somethings we found interesting:

  • Trash - That's right, forget about accidentally deleting a page or post and it being gone forever. This feature includes restore and permanent delete.
  • Image editing (sweet feature).
  • Some people may have messed stuff up so the "Change Permalinks" button is hidden when editing the page set as "Front page"
  • Fix for the the race condition with autosave when clicking Publish immediately after entering post title. This annoyed me many times.
  • Minify admin CSS - Fantastic for developers as this will speed up load times of pages.
  • If you've had comments not appear in the right order, its been fixed in this version.
  • There are improvements to execution of jqeury scripts. It will be interesting to see how this works.
  • Make the default and classic themes comment textareas valid XHTML...just kidding, not important. Who uses these themes seriously?