Future of Work is Now: Building a Tech Team Through Staff Augmentation

It may sound backwards to tell you to begin with the tech and not with the people. But, hear me out. Some tech skills are simple enough to learn pretty quickly and some skills transfer to other types of technology. Some do not. This is why it is essential to begin with the plan for the technology necessary for your digital transformation before you begin building your tech team through staff augmentation.

Staff Augmentation Concerns

The biggest reservation I hear from business leaders is that they just don’t know where to begin. These leaders are experts in their field but not in technology. We get it. If you do not have a CTO or CIO to lead the charge, you can begin with an expert technology consultant or a CTO Service to help map the plan.Some organizations who have primarily worked with traditional hiring, may hesitate to use staff augmentation. Consider this. Building a tech team through staff augmentation is meant to enhance your own team’s skills. Reimagine the way you deliver technical projects. If you need highly skilled and highly trained specialists, can you afford to employ them full-time and keep them busy indefinitely? Often, the answer is no. That is why organizations reach out to find the skills they need for their projects and commit for the short term. This progress will energize your team for future success.Having someone on the team who is not in it for the long haul can seem counterintuitive. Remember that those who have chosen contract work do so for many reasons. They enjoy the freedom to choose their own work and take the jobs they want. Your opportunity might have been the kind of role they are most passionate about! Staff augmentation may not be right for everyone, but it is for many. Learn more about developing the right employment mix in our Total Talent Management breakdown.

Building Your Tech Team

Remember that this process must be tailored to you for your own successful workforce strategy. Technology is infinitely customizable and the needs of an organization change often.

Step One: Plan for Technology

Where is the business going? What technology are you currently using and does it need an update or overhaul? Are you utilizing your technology properly? Does the organization have security blind spots? The organization must decide on the technology they need to use to get them where they need to go.This is also called a digital transformation. Digital transformations can be big or small in the efforts required and can be for any area of your business. ie: If your Accounting systems are from 2009, it may be quite easy to implement an update and very impactful to the effectiveness of your teams. I would bet that your team will welcome this update with open arms.

Step Two: Open the Lines of Communication

Transparency is key to developing the right tech team for your organization’s needs. Your team needs to feel secure in their roles to be open with you about the skills gaps that exist. Without a realistic view of what is needed, your plan will be ineffective. Ask your teams, “what are the unique tech talents within the organization and what digital skills gaps exist?” You may be surprised at the tech talent right in front of you that is underutilized.

Step Three: The Right Fit

Now that you understand what tech you are going to use and what skills are needed, it’s time to augment your staff. Will these be full-time, permanent roles or will this need be project-based? One year? Two months? Is your recruiting process sufficient or do you need a staff augmentation expert to recruit, vet, hire, and onboard the right fit for you?Additional qualifications to consider vary widely. You may need someone bilingual, with industry experience, remote or in-person.

Step Four: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Get off to a running start with this targeted change! With the plan laid out, the technology chosen and the right people to implement the plan, you are on the path to success. Be sure to keep up the excitement around the project for momentum and celebrate the small achievements along the way.

Step Five: Stay on Top of New Technologies

The process of transformation is never over and continuous improvements create agile organizations. Because there are always new technology advancements, something may pop up that is worth your efforts. Be open-minded to learning about these new advancements and how they may impact your organization.

Agile Organizations

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that technology and technology talent cannot be ignored or put on the back burner any longer. This cannot be the thing holding you back. It must be a priority. “In today’s business environment, your technology lead must be a difference maker in your company or organization.” Moreover, many aspects of work changed and are here to stay. The contingent workforce has shown that they value flexibility and freedom and prefer to be judged on their output. Lastly, agility is essential to success. Build your organization and your workforce with the flexibility necessary to withstand the curveballs that will come.Whether your organization is planning to pivot, reset, or just tweak your technologies, the tech consultants at TECKpert are ready to pave the way for you. With over 1,000 tech professionals available and a CTO Service, your tech team is ready right now. Let our TECKperts make it happen for you and reach out for your free consultation.