The Future of Work is Now: Disruption & Innovation

Today, in our current global economic climate, many businesses, large and small, are in the middle of unprecedented times. Many have referred to these times as substantial and forced working experiments. Businesses are experiencing wide swings undergoing a great contraction while others have never experienced this extreme high consumer demand. Either way, there is no doubt about it. Big changes are coming our way. The future of work is here and now.

Business Disruption and Technological Innovation

Predicting what was ahead for 2020.

History has demonstrated through considerable times, when human ingenuity combines with the latest technologies, great unforeseeable innovation happens. Who would have thought that our local distilleries would be making hand sanitizer and big equipment manufacturers would stop their current production to begin making ventilators? What types of new technologies, new businesses and industries do you imagine will come from today’s circumstances? First, where did people predict we would be in 2020? Some predictions were spot on like the emergence of self-driving cars, technologies like Alexa, and the widespread use of computer technology inside of everyday items, such as watches and glasses. Some were, with hindsight being 20/20, far off like anti-gravity belts and walking on Mars. Read more 2020 predictions here.

What’s really in store for 2020?

Going forward, we all need to think about and be keenly aware of the impacts of disruptive innovation on the future of work. By definition, this will disturb traditional methods of work and bring to light cutting-edge solutions. Of course, all of us want to end up on the relevant side after this is all said and done. In ten years, people will say, “why didn’t I think of that?” What are the areas that will have and need the greatest technological advancements? What are the biggest pain points with the most urgent needs where you and your business can provide the most support? How agile is your business? Can your business transition quickly? Is it enough to make plans to stay afloat and just get through the short-term? Are the current technologies enough for the long-term? Can you afford to only think short-term? Experts say that we could see the largest technological advancements and impacts on the healthcare and environmental industries. Scientific breakthroughs in 2020 are more than just chemicals and test tubes. Although those are very important, our world has more data now than ever before. Data Scientists are here to help us understand big data. The answers could be right in front of us but we just need the right Data Scientists to help provide meaning and foster understanding. When it comes to big data, we have only scratched the surface.

The way forward is to innovate with people.

Luckily, forward-thinkers have been working hard in recent years for helpful solutions. Advancements like telehealth are immediately helpful in ways that no one could have predicted the full extent, not even a year ago. The next step is finding ways to find and hire the right people to help your business make the innovative transition. Most companies during this time are going through a workforce contraction, but the work is not going away. So, out of necessity, those who are left have to do more with less. Leaders are having to make the tough decisions about how to sustain the short-term but maintain resources focused on the long-term strategy. Therefore, the future of work revolves around recruiting and hiring alternatives that are now imperative to achieve both. The risk is too great to lose focus and momentum now. Not only is it important to find the right people to do the job, but also to foster an innovative and creative environment. No, that does not mean open offices and ping-pong tables. Fostering an innovative environment means to allow for new ideas and communication where it has traditionally not been welcomed - more listening and less judgement. Be honest. Do your team members feel they can go to anyone in the company to share a new thought? Are there barriers holding them back? Are they thanked for their ideas? This act should be rewarded for many reasons. For instance, sharing new ideas and asking questions is a sign of high engagement. These inquisitive acts can also be positively contagious spurring others to have the same beneficial behaviors. Lastly, you must be transparent with your team. If the team is aware of the many intricacies of the business, then they can provide highly impactful insight.

Where can you turn to ensure you are a part of the future of work? Us, of course!

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