The Future of Work is Now: Every Company is a Tech Company

We like to think we are different, that we stand out, that our companies stand out from one another in the marketplace. We like to give ourselves an edge up on the competition, and scale at 100% Year over Year. The tech sector is in its golden hour of expansion because every company is or can be a tech company. Growing a compelling and successful “future-proof business” is based on your ability to do one thing. Connect. And this one word has a few meanings and will push you to automate, develop, create, and hire in non-traditional ways.

Business Is...

Business is about decision making. And decisions are data-driven, but not all data is usable data, or even accurate data. When we talk about data analytics, we’re talking about the processes in place to evaluate and implement data to be solution oriented. So how do you get accurate data to make decisions?ConnectIoT, or the Internet of Things, is the connective web we have given to physical objects in order for them to communicate with one another. This is similar to how mushrooms communicate with trees. Tree roots are connected to each other through the mycelium of fungi. This allows the tree to send and receive information and nutrients to the surrounding trees.Devices; our phones, our watches, our cars, our security devices, pacemakers, medical equipment, servers, etc., all inform the databases we build our business, communities, and society on. From conventional conveniences like your Alexa generating your shopping list, to niche technology solutions for shipping, logistics, and project management all stem from the data we collect through all of our resources. Is this Scary?The answer is the same as with any other innovation. Knowledge and familiarity dispel fears surrounding the applications and implementations of connectivity. In terms of business the only fear comes from the question, “Do you have the courage to abandon the traditional way of thinking and to reimagine your business?”


Recent years have proven that we have the capacity and capability to embrace changes and solve problems quickly using tech. From the way we hold meetings to the way we conduct our day-to-day tasks, technology has spared us from profit-loss and interruption in many sectors - and has spurred industries like real estate, the arts, and non-profits into the tech work age.This teaches us that a mindset shift is in order. Stop looking at technology as a way to solve a problem and embrace it as your state of operation. Tech is a tool - not really a hammer fit for select jobs, but a swiss army knife fit for many...or better yet - a phone. You only need to ask yourself how many times a day you reach for an object to realize that your go-to resource is already in your back pocket. The trick is to teach your brain that tech is more than just a back pocket Ace


So how do you get started? How do you start actively choosing tech solutions to grow your business? We recommend using it to find some of the best human problem-solvers on the market. After all, tech isn’t about replacing workings, it’s about enhancing the work ecosystem.Recruiting the Right Talent for Your BusinessReimagine the type of talent you need. Ask yourself if you need industry experience or high-level technology know-how? Then ask yourself if you need this human 100% of the time, or just for a project or two.As the world tech network expands, more and more workers are embracing the Gig Mindset, which allows for greater flexibility for both themselves, but also for the companies they contract with. You just have to know where to go to vet the talent. (At TECKpert, we happen to be pretty good at this part). The agile workforce is a lifeline for many businesses. It is more than just a piece of the puzzle. Automation and AgilityAn agile workforce also blends well with an automated one, and it’s a pretty cool environment to be around. Finding skilled technologists to implement intelligent automations can make all the difference. Removing some work that can be automated, will amplify the important work others do to make the difference in your organization and industry.

Connect to Engage

Engaging your whole organization in a collaborative way helps build a company culture that can support accelerated growth and reduce turnover. Having an active and engaging team community within your company keeps your team engaged and motivated - and you can build this environment across distances through tech. Here’s a quick punch list:

  • Get high-performing volunteers to take on stretch projects to address larger problems

Reward volunteers within your company and utilize the agile workforce to supplement work load for your core team

Hire for attitude and adaptation. A bonus of tech is that education is much more accessible and you only need to look so far as a message board to know that a lot of people in the workforce are driven to expand their skills.

  • Set expectations appropriately and ensure that the leaders for each person plans accordingly to make sure the day-to-day work runs smoothly

Company directives are not always a full-time project for everyone on the team, but your full team should be aware and engaged in case you need to pull resources, or in case you add temporary workers who may be talking to multiple people to get up to speed.


Technology is the new alchemy - creating something out of nothing, and a limitless landscape like that requires a very diverse team but also the ability to find resources that you may not have as you grow. We can help you understand the changing marketplace and find the people to help you get to where you’re growing. Reach out to us today to learn more!